How traditional casino staples have stood the test of time

The modern online casino industry is a true monster of modern entertainment, engaging with people of all backgrounds and ability levels. Once the domain of the upper classes, casino gaming is now accessible to everybody.

This evolution has resulted from the advent of the internet, and particularly during the last ten years through the explosion in popularity of the smartphone. The introduction of affordable handsets that are capable of accessing apps and the internet has put the world’s most popular games in the palms of millions.

The selection of games available has broadened over time, with the traditional titles now complemented by a seemingly endless array of adaptations and casual titles designed to resonate with a different kind of player.

But how have the classic staples, like blackjack, roulette, and poker, remained relevant in such a fast-moving marketplace?


Roulette has been a mainstay of the casino industry for generations and remains a major part of the sector online. The beauty of the game is in its simplicity and flexibility. The rules are very simple to learn and there are an array of bets you can place.

For the happy-go-lucky player, a small stake on a single number can land you a bigger cash prize at long odds, while multiple bets, or a bet on red or black, can increase your chances to 50% or higher, although the amount you win from your stake is naturally reduced.

The simplicity of the game also makes it infinitely adaptable. If you look here at Space Casino, for example, there are several variations of the game available to players, each offering the same basic concept but with modern twists. This variety helps keep the game fresh and exciting to regulars.


Blackjack is a true casino classic that strikes a perfect balance between good fortune and calculated risk to attract everybody from beginners through to professional players. A round of blackjack is quick-fire, with snap decisions required under pressure.

Games of blackjack typically offer even odds, meaning you can double your money with a winning hand, although some versions of the game offer an additional bonus to players who achieve blackjack – that is hitting 21 through the turning of two cards.

Another big reason Blackjack has remained popular is its continued use in the world’s biggest films and TV shows. The Bond flick License to Kill, rated by some critics as the “darkest” of the franchise, features a high-stakes Blackjack game as one of the key scenes, helping to keep this classic casino game relevant and exciting.


The final game that makes up the casino sector’s traditional big three is poker; which is distinct from the other two games on our list as it typically pits players against one another, rather than against the house or a computer.

Unlike blackjack and roulette, the rules of poker are relatively complex, with nuance, strategy, and psychological warfare playing as big of a role in the winning of a hand as good fortune. This is a big part of what makes it so attractive to players.

The game has become so popular that there are dozens of major tournaments held globally every year. The chances to win big money are also relatively high, with one casual player in the UK recently winning more than $2m from an initial $10 stake.

While casual games like bingo and slots are seemingly enjoying an increased presence on major online casino platforms, it’s clear that the marketplace’s more traditional titles remain beloved by millions of players. It looks certain that they will continue to form a major part of the scene for years to come.

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