Starburst Spins – Still Worth It!

Starburst has to be one of the best-known slot machines amongst online casino players both new and old. Created by industry giants NetEnt, Starburst has been around since 2012, and its popularity shows no sign of waning. It’s consistently listed as the Number One favourite slot game, and part of the reason is that Starburst comes with free spins offers to entice new players and retain loyal customers.

Why Starburst?

What makes Starburst stand out? Plenty of games offer free spins – they’re a regular feature of bonuses across the online gambling world. But Starburst is the slot used more than any other for free spin bonuses, and this is as true today as it was when the game was first launched.

Back in 2012, individual online casinos didn’t have the clout they have nowadays and offers, including free spins had to be supported by the game provider. Since NetEnt was and still is at the forefront of the gaming industry, it forged links with most top-notch casinos and had the support necessary to offer free spins on its games. The low minimum bet level of Starburst made it an attractive option for free spins bonuses that could be provided to players without too much cost to the casinos, and players think they’re getting a good deal because they’re getting more spins than they would on games that require a higher minimum stake.

Plus, the game is pretty and satisfying! It’s a simple and colourful, pleasing to the eye, easy to grasp and has a low volatility that makes it feel like there’s little risk involved. Players have a good chance of winning cash that matches the actual value of the free spins, and that makes the free spins offers and bonuses that come with Starburst worth pursuing.

Starburst Free Spins

There are various ways in which players can partake in Starburst free spins, for example, as a welcome bonus, as a sign-up offer, as a prize, as a campaign offer and as a goodwill bonus. Free spins as a welcome bonus require a first cash deposit, whereas when they’re offered at sign-up, you need only to create your account with the casino.

Loyal customers may be offered free spins on Starburst as a reward – those with VIP status will be given the free spins, and the rest of us can try asking customer support if we’re entitled to any; they may be awarded depending on a player’s history of deposits and withdrawals.

Free spins are often awarded in Starburst as prizes in competitions, tournaments and lotteries, and as part of short-term campaigns targeted at current clients.

What’s the Catch?

Starburst free spins will usually (but no means always) come with strings attached. For the most part, withdrawing any winnings from your free spins can’t be done until the wagering requirement is fulfilled so you can expect to have to stake a certain amount before you can access your cash. This is true even of free spins on Starburst that require no deposit – such as free spins given as part of a sign-up bonus, for example.

However, you may be lucky enough to come across a casino that offers free spins on Starburst on sign-up with not only no deposit but also no wagering requirement. It’s rare, but it does happen, and although it usually only involves a couple of spins, they’re potentially hugely valuable and allow you to cash out your winnings instantly.

No-Wager Free Spins

UK casinos sometimes offer free spins on Starburst with a deposit, but with no wagering requirement attached. This is the case in many welcome bonuses and targeted campaigns and can be a lucrative source of winnings for players as such offer tend to involve a good number of spins, up to 200!

Unfortunately, despite the popularity of wager-free free spins on Starburst in UK casinos, they aren’t the most common type of free spins available, so if you come across them be sure to take advantage while you can!

Finding Free Spins

Free spins on Starburst in the UK are everywhere, and you’ll have no problem finding them if you spend even a little time in online casinos. To make your search trouble-free, check out this page for an up-to-date list of all Starburst free spins in the UK, as the links are planted.

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